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Online Coding & Aptitude Tips & Tricks | How to Crack Job Interviews

Updated: May 15

Embarking on the journey to crack job interviews can be both exhilarating and challenging. In a world where opportunities abound but competition is fierce, mastering the art of navigating interviews is a critical skill for career success. A job interview is not merely a meeting; it's a strategic conversation where your qualifications, skills, and personality converge to create a compelling narrative that sets you apart from the competition.

Online coding & Aptitude tips & tricks
Online coding & Aptitude tips & tricks

In this tutorial we will see how you can prepare and crack online coding and aptitude round in job interview. We will cover all the possible tips and tricks with which you can crack your next interview !!

You can watch the video-based tutorial with a step-by-step explanation down below.

Round 1 : Online Coding & Aptitude

  • For individuals aspiring to carve a niche in the competitive realm of the tech industry, mastering the art of online coding and aptitude tests has become an indispensable skill.

  • This round is considered as a preliminary round. In this round we will have to solve some coding questions and general aptitude related questions.

  • This will be the common round that you will have to face in majority of job interviews.

Where and how will you take online coding round

Lets see on which platform this test will be conducted commonly and what things will be included in it.

  • Typically conducted in hackerrank (or) hackerearth platforms. It is recommended that you register yourself on this websites and explore it before attending interviews.

  • This online coding round consists of 2-3 coding problems which would mostly be on Data structures and Algorithms topic.

  • There will not be any restrictions on the language that you can use for solving the coding question . You can use C, C++, java or python to solve these problems.

  • Some companies might have restrictions on the language that you can use to solve the coding problems based on the job role and responsibilities.

  • This round consists of 20+ MCQ questions in Tech and General Aptitude.

  • This round will be conducted for 1 - 1.30 hours.

  • Weightage of questions depends on companies. There are different types of companies like Product/Banking/Service. If you are giving test for product based companies then majority of questions will be on coding , if you are going banking then the majority of questions will be on general aptitude and if you are going for service based companies then there will equal weightage for both coding and general aptitude.

Tips to crack online coding round

Lets see some useful tips and tricks to crack the online coding round.

  • Master one Programming Language. Most popular languages are Python, Java, and C++. Most of the companies use these languages in day-to-day basis.

  • Try to master in the language which is required for the job role that you are interested in (Python & Java is more preferrable).

  • Try to leverage in-built functions.

  • Master the basics of Data structures and algorithms.

  • Learn basic Math Formulas.

  • Practice coding on platforms like Hackerrank and Leetcode.

  • Best learning resources to master the concepts on any topic is Youtube.

Tips to crack Aptitude round

Lets see some useful tips and tricks to crack the general aptitude round.

  • Learn important concepts that is most commonly asked to begin with.

  • India bix is one of the great website where you can find aptitude questions and answers for almost all the concepts.

  • Use Aptitude test app in Android.

  • Try to solve atleast 25 questions in each concept.

  • Solve puzzles (or) play some games to improve logical thinking. (It actually helps)

Final Thoughts

  • To navigate these assessments with confidence, it is essential to adopt a comprehensive preparation approach.

  • Strengthen your coding skills by practicing a diverse range of problems, explore various algorithms, and familiarize yourself with the coding environment commonly used in interviews.

  • Time management is key during these rounds, so practice solving problems within specified time limits. Additionally, stay updated on industry trends and technologies to showcase your relevance and adaptability.

  • Leverage online platforms, coding challenges, and mock tests to simulate real interview scenarios and build resilience.

  • By approaching the preparation process with dedication, staying adaptable, and continuously refining your skills, you position yourself as a formidable candidate capable of excelling in both technical and analytical evaluations.

In this tutorial we have seen tips and tricks to crack Online coding and Aptitude round in job interview. In future articles we will see how we can crack technical interview and HR interview rounds in job interviews.

Thanks for reading the article!!!

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